Bruna Sbranchella

Resilience through Patience

“As ice passages open due the rising temperature, shipping routes through arctic waterway become more practical. Increased shipping traffic poses a risk of oil spills. The Innuit man depicted, is on his fishing trip, seems to be down on his luck. He must wait for a bigger catch”

Medium: Ceramics
: N/A
Price: Not for sale

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  1. Beautiful sculpture!
    We love your work. You’ve truly captured the essence of “Patience through Resilience”.

  2. Absolutely Heartwarming Beautiful Emotional And Globally Appropriate At This Unpredictable
    Your Work Is Always Thought Provoking.

  3. Bruna, non finisci di meravigliarsi.
    Bellissima l’opera, fantastica il principio ispiratore. Ci rendi orgogliosi del nostro legame. Con tanto affetto e vicinanza

  4. Teresa May 28, 2020

    Oh! Bruna it is beautiful, there is such tenderness there and a quiet patience i think it comes from long practice, wish i could have some of that

  5. Emilio May 28, 2020

    A round of applause to you–very nice work.
    He WILL get his “bigger catch”!
    Best wishes from all of us on A at MP.

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