Join us for a whole week of artwork inspired by the beauty of Canada

Canada Week

We reached out to many different artists and asked them to create something inspired by Canada. This event runs from
July 1st – July 7th, and we have something new for you each day!

July 1st: Paintings July 2nd: Pottery July 3rd: Paintings Day 2 July 4th: Artwork with Katina Giesbrecht
July 5th: Photography July 6th: Graphic Design/Textiles July 7th: Readings with SYTCO

A collection of “traditional” paintings that have a cool, calming overall aesthetic. Thank you to artists Sherron Fairbairn, Veronica Newell, and Amilah Hosein.

These incredible pieces of pottery each reflect important aspects of Canadian history and the Canadian lifestyle. You can also see a special pottery tutorial from our studio technician Mitra Mahmoodi on our Facebook! Thank you to artists Susan Johnston, Namhyung Cho, and Dianne Peterson

We have so many paintings to show you, we couldn’t fit them all into just one day! These pieces share a vibrant, colourful theme. Thank you to artists Melissa Peacock, Annick Lemay, and Glenda Mantle. 

Artist Katina Giesbrecht demonstrates how to make a monotype painting in this great video! Check out more of her artwork at her website:

Land Close to Home by Katina Giesbrecht

I believe the medium of monotype is well suited to express my love for Canadian landscapes. Monotype is a unique printmaking process that results in just one individual and textured print. (‘Mono’ is a Greek word meaning one and ‘type’ means impression.) Canada is a country with a variety of landscapes that spread from coast to coast to coast. Our diverse landscapes include Cordillera (west coast region), arctic lands, interior plains, lowlands, the Canadian Shield, and Appalachia. How can one country have so much variety! Much of my art practice is creating highly textured semi-realistic, landscapes inspired by my love for our distinct geographic regions. Oh, Canada – you always inspire me.

These amazing photographs capture memories of Canada Days past and present, and give an insight into how some of our artists perceive the Canada and the world at large. Thank you to artists Brenda Xiong, Adrienne Pop, and our own co-op students Matan Pawer and Jude Hussain. 

Jean jackets, dream catchers, and face masks oh my! We’re honoured to showcase artist Glenda Mantle’s patriotic and functional artwork. Be sure to check out more of Glenda’s work on her Instagram @offthewalldesigns_

Susan Pendleton and three girls from the Surrey Youth Theatre Company finish off our Canada Week with readings about 19th and 20th century children, who share their stories of coming to Canada and their experiences. You can find out more about these children at this website.
A big thank you to SYTCO, and all the artists who participated this week! This was a new and exciting project for us, and we’ve been overjoyed to celebrate Canada together with all of you!

SYTCO Reading #1: Susan's Introduction

Reading #2: The Home Children a personal account 1900, by Jiya

Reading #3: Dear Canada - Orphan at my Door, by Alexis

Reading #4: Dear Canada - Hoping for Home Stories of Arrival, by Maya

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