Meet Arnim Roeske

ARNIM ROESKE is a photo-realist oil painter based in South Surrey and a Semiahmoo Arts member. His upcoming exhibition A Walk in The Forest is inspired by the forests and trails around the Semiahmoo Peninsula.  

His exhibition takes place Friday, Feb. 21 to 23 (from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) at the Turnbull Gallery at the South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre. 

“In starting this series of paintings I wanted to bring the forests of this area into our living rooms”

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up, what did you study and what was your impetus to become a painter? 
I was born in 1960 in Vancouver but spent a good chunk of my life on the North Shore .  
High school had a few art classes for me and they were definitely the highlight of my education. The impetus for being a painter has just been the visual world around me. Its beauty is breathtaking.

Have you always been painting photorealistic paintings or did you start rather abstract? 
The kind of art I did as a kid was wide and varied; it was always a source of great interest and relaxation. Abstract and surrealism were a big part of it,  but realism has always been what I wanted to do. The reward and challenge of realism is that it teaches you about your medium and process. In abstract I’d let my brush do its own thing, whereas in realism the image is the teacher. It will let you know what’s working and what is not.

In your opinion, does the size of a painting impact how the viewer perceives the image?
I think the size of a painting totally affects the viewer. For instance my largest piece ( 4 ft x 6 ft) is called “A Mossy Presence.” A tree-sized image in your living room definitely would be a presence compared to a painting that is 1 ft square .

Many of your paintings depict scenes from nature. What intrigues you about landscape paintings?
Landscapes are just plain gorgeous ……complex …. micro and macro worlds swirling around us; a feast for the senses and the mind. Yes, they intrigue me.
Do you think Canadian art gets the recognition and support it deserves at home (i.e. Canada)?
Yes for the most part. 

What was your motivation to join Semiahmoo Arts?
I joined Semiahmoo Arts to get plugged into the art community here.

Tell us about your inspiration for your upcoming art show “A Walk In The Forest” at Semiahmoo Arts.
Honestly my reason to have a show is economic …to sell my work and have it known. 

What do you hope visitors will take from “A Walk In The Forest”?
In starting this series of paintings I wanted to bring the forests of this area into our living rooms. With development we’re losing the natural spaces …I’m sure it heightens people’s appreciation for this type of art and I’d feel gratified to see it on their walls.