Meet Bruna Sbranchella

Bruna Sbranchella is a valued member and artist, who was generous enough to donate a beautiful piece titled “Blue Sky”  for our Vision 2020 exhibition. (Jan 27-Feb 21, 2020). Bruna is orignally from Rome, Italy and immigrated in 1961 to Ontario, Canada and is now relocated in British Columbia. She is very versatile and talented where she has received numerous awards and honorable mentions for her work. 

“Experiencing the night sky provides us with prospective inspiration and leads us to reflect on our own humanity and place in the universe”

You participated in our member’s show: Perfect Vision 2020, and everyone was admiring it at the opening reception. Could you tell us more about the inspiration for this piece?

When I look at the blue sky, I remember few years ago when I met Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut. During our conversation, he excitedly talked about how beautiful our planet earth looked from outer space. He said the importance to keep the earth healthy is not just for us but for other generations. 

Recently, the scientists discovered three more planets, one of which has water and oxygen and is habitable. In her piece, she used her interpretation about birds, fish and good soil (for fertile land) for the human kind as an idealized planet. Perhaps someday she will have her great grandchildren visit this planet for many years to come.


Watch her interview with us about her generous donation!