Perfect Vision Call to Artists

There are 4,126 confirmed planets outside our solar system. In a Universe so vast is there life outside our solar system? What would intelligent life look like? The Mars 2020 Mission will launch in July 2020 looking for life and biosignature on the planet’s undiscovered parts. On our own planet Earth there is life in environments where nobody expects it to be. What do those creatures hidden in the depth of the Ocean look like? We invite our members to illustrate their own visions of life, whether how it used to be or what potentially it could be within and outside our solar system. Expand your imagination and share your vision for what could be found in 2020. We encourage all types of artwork to be submitted.

We accept 2 submissions per person. Submission Deadline Jan 7, 2020. Painting size maximum 24” x 36” Work Delivery on Jan 24 , 2020

If you have more questions, please contact: or call 604.536.8333

There is a $10 submission fee per piece

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