Rajesh Chakraborty

Portrait of a child

This is a portrait of an South Asian boy in front of pillar from ancient Indian architecture. Most of the Indian architectures are Hindu temple architecture and Indo-Islamic architecture which depict the story of Indian history and heritage. Although the mural on this pillar is aging away. The story remains as young as the boy.

Size: 9 inches x 11 inches
Price: $200

Portrait of Irfan Khan

This is Irfan Khan, a very renowned actor in India as well as in Hollywood. Recently he passed away at the peck of his carrier after fighting for two years with terminal illness. I wanted to feel his emotions as to how he must have felt during these two years of his life where he had to face a camera entertaining the audience and facing the truth at the same time.

Size: 8 inches x 10 inches
Price: $200

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