How can humans enhance Resilience in an Age of Persistent Uncertainty


Bruna Sbranchella

Resilience through Patience “As ice passages open due the rising temperature, shipping routes through arctic waterway become more practical. Increased…

Helmut Gruntorad

Hope on the Horizon “It does not matter how slowly You go so long as You do not stop” -Andy…

Nancy Blanchard

Keep On Truckin’ Size: 6 inches x 6 inchesPrice: $150

Glenda Mantle

We Are All Essential Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inchesPrice: $250

Sijia Wang

Augmentum “Augmentum explores the concept of life, creation, and growth through surrealism portrait, connecting us to the cyclical nature of life. The…

Amy Lee

Uncharted “In these days of uncertainty caused by many factors such as run-away climate change and deadly pandemics, it is…

Desmond Tompkins

La Peste “The title taken from Camus’ “La Peste” (The Plague) sets the baseline for the dark tone of this…

Linda Morris

Silent Roar “This painting suggests the power and majesty of these majestic animals.  Whether sitting or hunting they inspire great…

Doris Anderson

Size: 16 inches x 20 inches
Price: $1150

Ana Diaz-Drew

Kintsugi “By repairing broken ceramics it’s possible to give a new lease of life to pottery that becomes even more…

Annick Lemay

Body Awareness Being aware of your body, mind and spirit is important to balance yourself in stressful situations. If you’re…

Wolfgang Vogt

Abstract glass wall art backlit Size: 22 inches x 17 inchesPrice: $300

Inez Braz

Hike After The Fire Size: 12 inches x 9 inches, unframedPrice: $75

Roxsane Tiernan

Spring Flowers “Even gentle growth comes back year after year with or without coaxing. They are Resilient!“ Size: 2 feet…

Lesley Tannen

I Am Here “Sometimes looking at, and into, ourselves we are reminded of past challenges that have been overcome –…

Wendy Schmidt

Young Bear “I have seen many black bears in the wild, but seeing this bear at the zoo, felt sorry…

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