Remembrance Day 2020


by Ken Westdorp

When Canada initial entered World War 1, it was as a colony of Great Britain against the advancing
forces of Germany, but by the end, it had gained the recognition as a nation of which I am proud to
be a part of. The sacrifice made by many young boys on the battlefield stopped the advancement of
tyranny and hatred by ruthless individuals. Though today’s generation view war as a video game
with the absence of suffering and death, we should never forget their valiant sacrifice.

Out of the ashes of World War 1, Hitler’s Nazism tried to overthrow much of Europe under
the guise of an ideology that a supreme race should rule the world. Canadians travelled overseas to
fight on battlefields, in the air and at sea with honour and courage against a madman. With the
carnage of minefields and poisonous gas, many soldiers died in the mud between enemy lines, but
those who survived fought with such bravery and persistence that they are all heroes. Had these
boys not answered the call of duty and realized that liberty is worth the ultimate sacrifice. how
different the world might be today?

Then there are those brave Canadian men and women who aid in peacekeeping throughout the
world brings about security and hope to those caught in conflict. Whether it is in the Middle East,
Africa or at home, Canadian troops have built shelters, offered medical aid and provided stability in
regions where a disaster has struck. Refugees benefitted directly from the outpouring of
compassionate action when it seemed like there were endless conflicts and causalities on all sides.
We as a grateful nation should never forget the fallen, nor turn our backs on those brave and
women who have returned home with external and internal scars of a battle yet resolved.

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