Audrey Bakewell

 Molly Mae   Medium: WatercolorSize 21 x 29 inches Price $895 In the Garden WatercolorSize 21 x29 inchesPrice $280

Doris Anderson

See ALL the art! Innerscape I need to communicate. I want my works, my expression, to convey what I unconsciously…

Helmut Gruntorad

Arbutus by the Sea Size 24 x 30 Price $650

Daphne Tate

See ALL the art!

Ben Halladay

See ALL the art!

George Casprowitz

Got Balls I rarely start a painting with a theme, but react to the painting as I build it with…

Annick Lemay

Blue Dancer I think that in these isolation times, we do not need to be completely alone. Art is a…

Violet Smythe

Waterlilies Size 16 x 20 Price $200

Bill Noy


Daniel Strathdee

Winter Creek #2 I like to paint snow sometimes. Size 12 x 16 inches Price $350

John Taylor

Autumn Colors Size 20 x 28 Price $150

Carole Woznikoski

1970's Vancouver' SOLD

Frank Bennett

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Jevon Greco

Life is a Cigarette Price $75 Audra: Tracks Price $75

Ed McCrossen

Brexit-Red King Size 20 x 30 inches Price $300    

Wendy Schmidt

The Merganser Pari Size 14 x 16 Inches Price $250

Amy Lee

Ring of Gems   I was inspired by the last sunlight on smooth rocks at dusk, forming a picture resembling…

Veronica Newell

Bold Beauty Size: 18 inches x 24 inchesPrice: $300

Stephen Smith

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Linda Morris

Mothers Love The blue hydrangea plant was my mother’s favourite garden plant. When she passed, I planted 2 in my…

Barbara Cooper

Artist in the Making Size 18 x 14Price $150 (unframed)Price $185 (framed) PAX Size 16 x 14 Price $150 (unframed)…

Catherine Robertson

Highway 1, North All my work describes local British Columbia West Coast themes and local wildlife, specifically birds. They are…

Seanon Jones

Train Interior I admire the simple lines of vintage trains. Size 9 x 12 Price $180 Sushi Combo – Extra…

Sijia Wang

See ALL the art! Misty Fraser Inspired by a walk along the Fraser River on a foggy day. This minimalist…

Lynda Wylde

Elemental of the Cosmos This painting is a scene from one of my meditations. In my meditation, a stairway formed…

Dale Byhre

Sunset Over Point Roberts My painting is a familiar one to those who have looked out across Boundary Bay at…

Josefa Rice

Crescent Beach Sunset Witnessing the colours from a sunset or sunrise at Crescent Beach provides me with an escape from…

Elaine Krieger

Westminister Chimes My inspiration was the steam clock in Gastown Vancouver, BC. The sky symbolizes the water being a coastal…

Sherrin Kovach

Intertidal Ecology   A commentary of how women are treated in our world. I have chosen to use traditional sewing…

Pat Vickers

Crescent Beach Sunset   The sunset the evening I was there was amazing and I liked the photo I took…

Corinne Issel

Water’s Edge   My inspiration for this painting is that I aim to portray my lifelong passion and intensity for…

Melissa Peacock

Surrey   Price $275 Vancouver in Quartz Price $400

Brandy McLean

I like to make things that are whimsical and fun but also functional. These two beautiful vases were designed and…

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